Kodbyens Fiskebar in Copenhagen – a MICHELIN guide restaurant – is one of the finest restaurants in Denmark

Flæsketorvet 100, 1711 København, Denmark
Kødbyens Fiskebar in Copenhagen Copenhagen

Kodbyens Fiskebar in Copenhagen is a great place to get seafood. The staff is friendly and the food is fresh and delicious. I highly recommend reading the article to the end so you can learn more about this amazing restaurant.

Kodbyens Fiskebar: delicious, innovative seafood dishes – a review restaurant

Kodbyens Fiskebar is a seafood restaurant in Copenhagen that is known for its innovative and delicious seafood dishes. I had the pleasure of dining there recently, and i was not disappointed.

The first dish i tried was the herring tartare, which was served with a crispy potato cake and a dill mayonnaise. The herring was incredibly fresh and the overall dish was light but flavourful.

Boydakov Alex

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